Connecting the Unconnected

The Mission

The mission of InterMesh Networks is to Connect the Unconnected. This will be achieved by building on the 8-year history, investment, assets, skills, and knowledge of the RightMesh, Yo!, Left Technologies and W3Engineers projects.

The RightMesh platform is an innovative technology for connecting users via a software based, wireless mesh network. By connecting the 3B+ people who do not have reliable, or often any, Internet access we can bring improved life outcomes to billions of underserved, underbanked and underprivileged users around the world.

Together we can make a difference to those who need it most.

Providing a pathway to the new Internet for all, will allow InterMesh Networks to unlock the vast, and rapidly growing, economic power of emerging markets. As botha platform and a network, RightMesh enables developers to retrofit existing mobile applications or build new, decentralized mesh applications. Massively successful Apps that are available via the Internet to well connected consumers can be brought to underserved mesh users.

The RightMesh decentralized, mobile, mesh networking platform, powered by blockchain technology and tokenization, can put the power of connectivity back into the hands of the people. Core to the platform is an Ethereum account and identity layer that uniquely identifies every mesh node and utilises the RMESH token.

Tokenization is the key to banking the unbanked and allowing micro transactions to seamlessly happen on mobile devices without the need for credit cards or traditional financial institutions.

Creating the Infrastructure

With RightMesh the devices people already carry around, basic Android phones, form the network infrastructure. The software-based solution runs as a background process on all devices to build network density and benefit from Metcalf’s Law. The key principle is that the RightMesh network is self-forming, self-healing, and self-regulating, using whatever it has at its disposal. No additional hardware or infrastructure is required, and people will no longer be dependant on ISPs.

InterMesh owns and manages the treasury RMESH utility tokens that participants in the ecosystem will use to transact on the platform. These tokens can be used to support and grow the community, network and RightMesh ecosystem.